Triple Treat

With DonorSee on fire lately it’s hard to promote just one project, so we are going to start promoting three at a time. Every month we are going to promote three projects from volunteers who are greatly improving the quality of life for those who are in desperate need. Followers of this page and DonorSee have helped fund healthcare for the sick, food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless and yes even a road. So join us in helping those in need.


Donate to help a village sustain themselves:

First Aid training for child care workers:

And a personal favorite, providing impoverished kids a positive place to help keep them out of trouble.

Continuing Harvey Relief For a Family In Need

With most the projects from our Harvey relief project currently funded we have one more to go. Joseph and Jade’s family had their house devastated by massive flooding.  His cousin Daniel had great success with his project thanks to generous donors like you.  We are hoping to get their project funded soon because they have a newborn to keep warm and dry this winter season.  Please check out the link here to support this young family’s dream to rebuild.  This is by far the most updated project I have seen on Donorsee, It is updated on a weekly so you know exactly where your money is going. Click the link below to give to a family that truly needs your help.

Harvey and Irma Relief

With Harvey and Irma coming through the next few weeks we would like to focus on disaster relief. All projects posted have full transparency and are updated regularly to show you exactly where your money is going.

Please check out the DonorSee projects here.

We can’t recommend enough to follow Liberty Coalition for Disaster Relief during this crisis.

The GoFundMe can be found here.…


Saving the World One Plastic Bottle at a Time

Maintaining a clean environment is important. Our next project we would like to promote focuses of turning an environmental problem into a solution. When a charity in Haiti needed a retreat and team house they decided to use what was available to them, a massive amount of discarded plastic bottles. Recycling, ingenuity and efficiency. We can’t wait to see how the finished product will turn out so let’s get this funded!

Make sure to check out the project here!

Who Will Build the Roads?

Who Will Build the Roads?

We will build the roads! Well road to be more specific.  With phase 5 of the orphanage completed tragedy struck and the road leading to it was washed away. The orphanage had to dip in to emergency funds to get it built again. Let’s get this fund back up and give these kids some breathing room.  Make sure to check out the project HERE.


Little Hands of Hope

Little Hands of Hope is an organization dedicated to helping orphans of Nyendo, Uganda by providing them with food, water, shelter and love. Many of us have been following their progress for quite a while now and it is our privilege to sponsor the next phase in getting this orphanage built. Make sure to check out their Facebook page and to follow them on DonorSee to see the progress they have made so far.


Chisomo’s Well

With Esther’s project funded we are setting our sights towards our next project.  In the village of Chinguluma in Malawi the only way for over 300 families to obtain water is to walk 45 minutes to a unhygienic swamp.  Several people in the village die each year from contaminated drinking water.  One victim of the contaminated drinking water was a young girl named Chisomo who passed away in January.  Let’s band together and get the village of Chinguluma clean drinking water and  to make sure no child will have the same fate as Chisomo.

Walk the Walk’s First Project!

Our first project we would like to bring attention to is Esther. Helping to fund this project will give her a hand up, a job, medication and in turn she will be able to provide a family setting for a few orphans in the village. Make sure to download the DonorSee app and download and subscribe to our podcasters.

Make sure to check out the official DonorSee site.


It all started with an idea…

What if we can grow the message of liberty, bring libertarians together and reach out to help those that need it in the process? What can I do to help? I am not wealthy by any means, a full time job and busy home life gives me maybe two hours a night of free time if I’m lucky.  I have a face for radio and a voice for silent film, think man, think!  Then I hear Gret Glyer on Tom Woods (find it here) and on the  Lions of Liberty (here) talking about his DonorSee app.  Marc Clair picked a small project to get an elderly woman a house, needless to say that got funded in a day. The same day we brought the idea up in a different libertarian group and started talking about this little guy’s story.  Now that was funded with in a few hours.  What if libertarians came together every month, maybe even every week? We are here to show the world that a handful of individuals through technology, volunteering, and charity can make in impact.

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